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Traditional steel frame construction methods struggle to meet acceptable levels of living comfort in the harsh North West where temperatures in the mid-40s are not uncommon.

At Thermal Comfort Homes, we use an exclusive and proven building system developed over the last ten years specifically for Western Australian conditions.  Called ThermaStruct™, the system boasts four thermally effective layers, which dissipate heat most effectively.

ThermaStruct is a structural, 75-millimetre thick building panel comprising steel skin with a urethane core. It functions as both a structural component (walls and ceilings) as well as the primary insulating medium.

With traditional construction the sun’s heat is stored and radiated directly into the house maintaining high temperatures throughout both day and night, even whilst the outside air has cooled. Homes and buildings constructed using the ThermaStruct System are protected by four heat reducing mediums, including ThermaStruct’s Radiant Barrier Wall Technology. This is essentially an improved, vertical version of the very effective and time proven, tropical roof.

The structure of a completed Thermal Comfort home is as follows:

Flush Jointed Gyprock Lining -> ThermaStruct Panel -> ThermaStruct Cavity -> External Cladding

How it Works

In traditional modular homes, the sun radiates heat directly into the house. With a Thermal Comfort home, the sun hits the external cladding.

The air in the ThermaStruct Cavity is heated; the heated air rises and is ventilated through the roof. Only the heat that remains reaches the ThermaStruct Panel.

This process greatly reduces heat conduction and increases acoustic values naturally. The ThermaStruct system provides year round living comfort.

The ThermaStruct system also enables us to build double-storey and multi-dwelling transportable developments, which allows for greater flexibility in design and site usage.