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Earle Lawrence - Director

Earle has over 30 years’ experience as a building designer and draftsman. His focus is to provide homeowners, investors, and multi-storey developers with innovative designs and superior living environments.

Brett Lawrence - Managing Director

Brett is a Registered Building Practitioner who has had many years’ experience in different facets of the building industry. His passion is the development of cost effective, green building technologies that best suit the extremes of Western Australia’s climate.
It’s his experience that consistently delivers the end user with year-round comfort in Australia’s harshest living conditions.

Andrew van der Meer - Engineer

Andrew’s engineering expertise has contributed to the development of the ThermaStruct Building System. This system, unique to Thermal Comfort Homes, provides Radiant Barrier Wall Technology and robust, multi-level construction.

ThermaStruct easily accommodates climatic extremes, from cold or cyclone prone coastal areas to the harsh, dry interior.

Donna Lawrence - Office Manager

As Thermal Comfort’s Office Manager, Donna keeps the wheels of the administration jungle turning.  She liaises with tradespeople and suppliers and makes sure that what needs to happen, happens.

Donna McCarroll - Contracts Administration and Client Liaison

With the organization of the initial contract requirement’s, liaising with councils and staff  she also has interaction with clients to help provide the steps to building their Thermal Comfort Home.